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      1. [A good body is not achieved in one day. Only by exercising consistently can the body keep up with dreams!]
        Release date:[2021/12/31] Is reading[14]次

        Wendy Suzuki, a neuroscientist at New York University, said in a TED talk: Exercise can bring better mood, higher energy, better memory, and better attention.

        Keep moving and challenge yourself

        01Sports is not synonymous with pain

        Some people say that they are tired at work and there is no time to exercise. In fact, when you feel tired and depressed, your brain cells are also getting less, the hippocampus responsible for memory is getting thinner, and the serotonin that transmits the happiness factor will not be enough.

        And exercise will stimulate you to secrete more dopamine, serotonin and other elements that make you feel happy and heal tiredness. The reason why you feel that exercise is painful is not because you are not good at exercise, nor because you lack perseverance, but because your body cannot bear the intensity of this exercise.

        Although sports experts will suggest “just exercise slowly at your own pace”, it is difficult for people who have no exercise habits and do not like to sweat a lot to find a pace of exercise that they can accept and like. The end result is often excessive patience, making exercise a synonym for pain.

        Walking is a relatively relaxing exercise. However, for most healthy adults, the intensity of walking is too low. Not only is it not easy to sweat a lot, it consumes limited calories, and no matter how much time and energy it takes, it will not be able to effectively lose weight or strengthen the body.

        02Choose the exercise intensity that suits you

        There was a classic formula: multiply 1 by 365 times, or 1; 0.99 multiply by 365 times, only 0.025 is left, and 1.01 by 365 times, it is 37.87. A little bit of a small gap, after a year of persistence, there will be changes visible to the naked eye.

        Haste is not enough. For people who have poor physical strength and are not used to running, slow speed can also increase physical strength. Super jogging can adjust the intensity according to your physical strength. Although it is very slow at the beginning, because of the persistence day after day, the original stable record is constantly broken, and you can experience a kind of "the slower you run, the slower you will run. "The faster you get" the wisdom.

        03Exercise, purify the heart

        In addition to physical fitness, exercise can also cultivate a person's heart. A person who often exercises will not only change his mood, but also his attitude towards things. Haruki Murakami once wrote in a book: "I finally sat on the ground, wiped my sweat with a towel, and drank water happily. I untied the laces of my running shoes and performed ankle stretching exercises carefully in the darkness around me. , This is a person's joy. What seems to be a firm knot in the body is unraveling little by little."

        Exercise, like a shot of a cardiotonic, can heal physical pain and bring inner peace. It seems that no matter what annoying things are encountered, they can disappear together with exercise.

        The benefits of exercise are only understood by those who have actually exercised. Run when you are depressed, do yoga when you are upset, play basketball when you feel anxious, or choose a sport you like... In this world, there is always a way of exercise that can release your negative emotions.

        04Develop self-discipline and challenge yourself

        The process of persisting in exercise is also a process of self-challenge. Slowly from laziness to diligence, more and more abandon, the whole person also becomes positive.

        The old Greek saying says: "A good life for human beings is air, sunlight, and exercise. It heals not only the body, but also the heart." Overcoming inertia is regarded as a habit, and exercise is regarded as a good helper against inertia. When a person knows how to persevere and learn to exercise restraint, he is one step closer to success.

        Everyone's brain is like an eternally rotating machine. Blindly running without knowing how to stop will only increase the speed of the brain's "downtime"; when there is movement and stillness, it can truly play its value. And exercise is a good way to help the brain restart and open up thinking.

        Exercise is a simpler mode of self-improvement. When a person starts exercising, his vision of the world will also change as a result. Sports is a low-cost, cost-effective investment. Every drop of sweat you shed will not be disappointed; every second you spend will not be wasted.

        Develop the habit of exercising, maybe you will feel tired at the beginning. If you persist to the end, you will understand: Exercise and non-exercise, living a life that is completely opposite. And every suffering in the past will become the "accelerator" of life in the days to come.

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