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      1. [[Textile News] Today's production capacity, brand buyers have become the ]
        Release date:[2021/12/9] Is reading[42]次

        Textile News

        In November, domestic cotton yarn, cotton price slightly fell, and imported yarn prices continued to rise. According to the national cotton market monitoring system, November 29th, China C32S copied yarn price index is 29465 yuan / ton, down 1020 yuan / ton, fell 3.3%; 32 cotton twill cloth 6.53 yuan / m, fell 0.07 yuan / M, a drop of 1.1%. In terms of the international market, November 29th, main imported origin C32s copied yarn is 29,821 yuan / ton, up 958 yuan / ton, from 3.3% from the previous month.

        01 Creative fashion casual noodles for new and seek

        Recently, China's textile city traditional market winter and spring new fashion fabrics increased, and the fabrics were new and founded, and a variety of varieties were increasing, and the sales volume shocked.

        In some business stores in the traditional market of the Textile City, winter and spring style fashion fabrics and casual loading fabrics, jacket fabrics, windbreaker fabric hanging samples continue to increase, some of the model-based operations stores in winter and spring, new fabrics to the current hanging samples Increased, some operations have formed a certain scale, attracting the original order and the spot transaction, and a variety of fabric marketing trends are relatively smooth. New style fashion fabric and casual loading fabric, jacket fabric, windbreaker fabric will have the past polyester single raw material ingredient to fabrication to the current multi-components matching the weaving, and the fabric is partially smooth. The fabric is formed into different styles of fabrics with different raw materials, and the new creative fabrics that seek new and seeking the style are welcome, because the fabric is highlighted, the vitality and other fashion elements are subject to counterpart. The clothing manufacturers' buyers are gratally, the added value of fabrics is much boosting than the big road goods.

        New style fashion leisure fabric increase, nylon memory, Oxford memory, optical memory, three-dimensional memory, velvet memory, mirror memory, memory bubble wrinkle, memory bamboo cloth, memory 2/2 is mainly used for active dye fabrics Local small batch multi-variety color-shaped sales. Take Jinqi Complex cloth, Kam Co-coin cloth, and Jinan coated cloth, Kum cotton coating cloth and brocade plus metal wire memory, Jinan plus metal silk imitation memory and Kum cotton plus metal wire memory , Jin cotton plus metal wire imitation memory is installed, and the small batch of multi-varieties are also relatively smooth.

        02 autumn and winter epidemic fabric (women's clothing) trend

        After the era of epidemic, soft and comfortable tactile, exquisite texture has become a focus; the simple and imperfect appearance of the rustic and thick appearance show the retro practical style of returning. A series of classic textures through design and color innovation, rejuvenating freshmen and showing more dynamic fashion opportunities. The flexible innovation of diversified materials and processes makes the basic daily single product materials to achieve practical functions and trendy appearance. Liquid gloss, metal texture gives a strong future science and technology-based tone. The in-depth penetration of the digital concept, which makes the traditional luxury handmade style reveals more avant-garde posture under technology.

        The variable-changing cowboy and the imitation denim fabric are deeply striking the surface of the functions and focusing on the material quality. Double-layer tissue gives a classic retro Danining fabric to form a unique fold appearance with high-balance of high-balance of flexible bottom line processes. Designed a smart stereo pattern to play the visual game of the formation of the fabric, a rhombic jacquard or a flat-strand change tissue can be used to form a misplaced unique ribbed road, combined with water washing, strengthen the three-dimensional view; cowboy staining the coarse corduroy, with three-dimensional velvet Tie dyeing effect. Knitted double-sided, woven texture of the fabric appearance, expand the diversified denim style concept.

        Ling Dong hit, soft plush fabric and imitation leather fabric once again occupied the wardrobe, with pure bright colors, with more warmth. Woven fabrics use solid color or simple pattern design, thick soft texture is suitable for building simple and comfortable. It can be used for front quilting, and the brown plush double-sided design update traditional quilted clothing, which makes simple advanced and warm protection. Multi-functional appeal is the focus of consumers, and can make a texture clear, high-profile fabric, thick and full of long-plush fabrics to achieve warmth, moisture absorption, breathable long-plush fabric to achieve warm, moisture absorption, breathable, etc. It also uses antistatic shake velvet material to effectively eliminate traditional materials and prime to electrostatically adsorb dust, thereby achieving a better wearing experience.

        03 fabric supplier is in an embarrassment

        Last month, La Chapel was applied for bankruptcy to open the title, Jiaxing Chengxin Garment Co., Ltd., Haining Hongshin Clothing Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Zhongda Xinjia Trading Co., Ltd. three creditors submitted "Bankruptcy Application" ".

        As a women's giant, the current Raiseberber can only describe "falling". La Chapel's large suppliers can apply to the court to bankrupt clearing, but more is not necessarily a small supplier who has received repayment.

        Chen Shenghua, the person in charge of the supplier of Raise Bell arrears, did not want to mention how much money owed, but the supplier like them, there are a lot of suppliers, and the boss Chen Shuyuan, the old Chen San Schi, Quanquan, Guli Town, Changshu City. Tao, "Raise Bell arrears money will make them a lot of money." According to him, the sofa factory has previously gave a custom sofa in La Chapel, which is used in the store. The order payment is about more than 400,000 yuan, but the larch of the larvary is over two years, and it is still in "Lai bill". Of course, there are many small suppliers who have the same experience as Chen Shu.

        There is a textile fabric boss: "The net profit of clothing brand is pressed out in our fabric suppliers." Many of our textile companies are in the process of cooperating with clothing brand companies, because of the incorporation of corporate strength, often There is a feeling of "low people and one class". With this feeling to talk about business, there is often no bottom, as long as you can receive orders, you will give up many of your own rights.

        When talking about prices, this passive situation is more obvious, and the other is "arrears to get the goods" by textile people, and the brand company often gives people a trustworthy feeling because of his popularity. The first thing I think is how to fight for orders, as for the payment, or how to pay usually don't think more. However, in fact, the big company does not have problems on payment, once the problem is fatal on many textile companies.

        Because of the trust of brand clothing companies, there is basically no deposit when operating orders, and a order payment is not settled, it is already in operation, and a layer of backlog will eventually have a huge amount of receivables. When the fabric supplier urges the garment enterprise, it can only contact the docking salesman, and they are difficult to give affirmative answers to the payment problem. The arrears can be at least 3 months, or even more than 1 year. If you encounter a low-cost, there are many inventory, the funds are difficult, and it can also use clothing inventory as the goods to the fabric. Not only the stock, but also clear the payment. Fabric stocks in fabrics, gray cloth inventories can only be "rotten" in the warehouse.

        For fabric companies, in the industries that can now capacity, "mosquito legs are also small and meat", there is an order to ensure that the factory is operating normally. In front of brand buyers, it seems to be "savior" in the bottom of the supplier.

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