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      1. [It is easy to "stick fat" in winter, and you want to find the right way to "thin waist". How many of these misunderstandings have you hit?]
        Release date:[2021/11/11] Is reading[70]次

        Winter sports

        In today's society, people pay more and more attention to sports, and more and more people begin to pay attention to physical exercise. After all, a good body is the capital of the revolution.

        After entering the cold winter, there seem to be fewer people running. This season is cold and windy, the night is long, the temperature is so low that the hands and feet are cold, the breath is breathing, and the occasional haze weather, these are all Became a reason to stop running.

        In fact, it is easy for the body to accumulate fat in winter. If you stop exercising, you will likely change from thin waist to fat. I hope everyone can use willpower to overcome the weather and continue to run on the road. Moreover, we insist on sports in winter, and there are many unexpected gains.

        The benefits of winter sports

        01·The benefits of winter sports

        Although the weather is cold in winter, many people with perseverance still insist on morning running, boxing, swimming and other sports. In fact, winter sports are indeed beneficial. Let’s take a look at the benefits of winter sports.

        1. Winter exercise can speed up blood circulation, increase the supply of oxygen to the brain, and enhance the elasticity of blood vessels. This can eliminate the fatigue of the brain due to long-term work, but also enhance memory, improve learning and work efficiency, and enhance resistance

        2. Winter exercise is better to lose weight

        Winter exercise can speed up the body's metabolism. Exercising in a cold environment will consume more calories because the body needs to consume more energy to keep the body warm.

        3. People who insist on winter sports will have better cold resistance than ordinary people, and those who insist on winter sports will have better cold resistance than ordinary people. Because people exercise in a cold environment, it can improve the excitability of the cerebral cortex, and promote the coordination of various organs and systems in the body, enhance the function of the central nervous system to regulate body temperature, and balance the heat production and heat dissipation in the body, thereby making the body Adapt to cold weather.

        4. Winter sports can prevent osteoporosis

        Outdoor sports in winter, you can fully enjoy the sun. The ultraviolet rays in sunlight can be absorbed by the body to convert cholesterol in the blood into vitamin D, and can promote the body's absorption of calcium. Middle-aged and elderly people insist on exercising, which can effectively prevent osteoporosis.

        Winter sports misunderstanding

        02·Winter sports misunderstanding

        Ignore warm-up

        Long-distance running can replace warm-up activities. In winter, the human body is stimulated by cold air, and the mobility of muscles and joint tissues is low, and the elasticity and stretchability of ligaments are significantly reduced. Without sufficient warm-up, it is easy to cause muscle strain. Warming up by running alone is not enough.

        Too much undressing

        The lighter the clothes, the better. Before exercise, the human body is still at room temperature. At this time, there is too much undressing. The cold air has an unfavorable stimulating effect on the lungs, bronchi, and spleen and stomach, which can easily lead to diseases.

        Excessive exercise

        Strenuous exercise cannot exercise your body. Strenuous exercise and antagonistic exercise require high flexibility and strength of the body. In winter, the body is relatively rigid, and it is prone to sports injuries when carrying out strenuous exercise. Moreover, human muscle fibers are fragile in winter, and the bone density is low. Excessive exercise will cause muscle strain and fracture of bone fibers, and severely may cause chronic muscle damage or even fractures.

        Morning exercise too early

        The sooner the morning exercise, the better? In fact, an inversion layer often appears in winter, and various harmful gases and smoke are not easily diffused. Especially before sunrise, there are more impurities and bacteria in the air. Long-term exercise in this kind of air can easily cause chronic respiratory diseases. In addition, the cardiovascular function is in a poor state at 6 o'clock in the morning, and if there is cardiovascular disease, it is easy to develop.

        Young people have a faster metabolism in winter, and their body functions recover quickly after exercising in the morning or noon. It is recommended to set the exercise time at 7:00-9:00 in the morning and 12:00-14:00 at noon. The middle-aged people have poor adaptability, so it is recommended to focus on improving cardiopulmonary function training, and the exercise time is better between 18:00-20:00. In addition, you should try to avoid exercising in foggy days, because the air circulation is poor, impurities and bacteria are also floating in the air, and inhalation is bad for your health.

        Morning exercises in winter also depend on the climate. Outdoor exercises are not suitable when the air pollution index is too high. It can not only receive the health effect, but also avoid accidents. This method is also applicable to people who live in a busy city and have no venues for activities.

        How to choose sportswear

        03·How to choose sportswear?

        Scientific and good exercise habits can improve human immunity and meet people's body requirements. If you want to do your job well, you must first sharpen your tools. Today's sportswear design and production are very practical, not only comfortable but also beautiful, which can be accepted by most people. Now let's talk about the method of selecting sportswear.

        Sportswear is generally worn in sports occasions, and its design should be lightweight and fit and suitable for sports needs. Sportswear should take into account the changes in seasons and ambient temperature, according to fabric and environmental factors, and the combination of sportswear should take into account factors such as your body shape and skin color.

        1. Sportswear should be suitable for changes in ambient temperature. The human body releases heat and even sweats during exercise. If it is summer, wear a thin and light sportswear. When participating in sports in autumn and winter, sportswear must not only retain heat but also emit moisture, so that The muscles feel comfortable and soft to avoid unnecessary physical damage during exercise.

        Second, the choice of sportswear should be based on fabric and environmental factors. For example, when exercising in the gym, you should choose more self-cultivating sportswear. Because there are many equipment in the gym, too loose and bulky clothes are easy to hang on the equipment, which causes safety hazards. Slim-fit sportswear can clearly feel the changes in the body's muscles and make the movements in place. Therefore, choose some clothing that combines the functional design of professional sportswear, which is simple and active, comfortable to wear, and has good breathability, which can improve the effect of doing sports to a certain extent.

        3. Reasonable selection of sportswear styles can effectively transfer physical weaknesses. Generally, people with a fat body will sweat a lot during exercise and lose more water. Such people should choose more loose and absorbent sportswear according to their personal circumstances. Simple and practical styles can avoid visual cumbersomeness. Do not choose tight-fitting sportswear to avoid exposing the shortcomings of the body.

        In winter, you must exercise more. Don’t block the pace of fitness because of small obstacles. Persevere more and overcome difficulties. Then health will be by your side anytime and anywhere. The above introduces a series of winter sports matters. Definitely help!

        Disclaimer: This article is compiled from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author; if there is any infringement, please inform it in time and delete it after verification.

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