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      1. [Warm Mid-Autumn Festival · Love in Shengbang | Company to issue Mid-Autumn Welfare for all employees!]
        Release date:[2021/9/23] Is reading[109]次

        Mid-Autumn Festival round, family group, round, moon, autumn night X reunion, this time

        Happy August 15th, the Qingfeng is refined.

        Yin Hui is full of moon, happy and happy.

        The truth wishes you and your family Mid-Autumn Festival happy Kang An!

        In this autumn wind, the season, in the year of the Mid-Autumn Festival, Jiaxing Shengbang Technology Co., Ltd. adhering to the tradition, for all employees to pay for the company's development, let all employees pass a peace, happy Mid-Autumn Festival Festival, the company issues a caring Mid-Autumn Festival gift for all the employees to send a deep care and full blessing.

        Mid-Autumn Festival X blessings







        A Mid-Autumn Festival gift represents a good wishes and passing the success of the Shengbang to the staff. Shengbang is not only a platform for everyone, but also a big family who loves love.

        Shengbang tried to build a warm and develop work life platform for employees. I hope that everyone will send this in the work, strive to struggle, work together in the company's future development, struggle to create brilliant!

        Jiaxing Shengbang Technology Co., Ltd. wishes all employees and friends happy Mid-Autumn Festival! Industry is fun!