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      1. [[Textile News] Export order reflux is accompanied by risks, can textile foreign trade companies stand stabilized?]
        Release date:[2021/9/9] Is reading[151]次

        Textile News

        The data released by Customs September 7 shows that according to the statistics of US dollars, it is affected by the decline in textile exports, and the export of textile and clothing in August continued to narrow down the last month. Due to overseas orders, the cost of clothing is maintained in good increasing growth, and the export growth of the month will continue to expand. From January to August, the cumulative export trend of textile and apparel is robust, and it has achieved growth with the same period of 2020 and 2019.

        Textile and apparel export data analysis

        From January to August 2021, the textile and clothing accumulated an export of 1284.92 billion yuan, down 2.57% over the same period of last year, which increased by 6.17% from the same period in 2019, of which the export of textile is 600.83 billion yuan, down 18.54%, which is more than 2019. 11.06%, costume exports were 684.09 billion yuan, an increase of 17.68%, an increase of 2.22% over the same period in 2019. In August, the export of textile and clothing was 194.76 billion yuan, down 10.37%, an increase of 7.37% from the same period of 2019, of which the textile export was 80.97 billion yuan, down 21.56%, an increase of 7.87% from the same period of 2019, more than 17.45%. The export of clothing is 11.379 billion yuan, an increase of 0.05%, an increase of 7.02% from the previous period, an increase of 5.29% over the same period in 2019.

        The impact of the decline in raw materials

        Since the end of August, the spandex trend begins to be weak. What is the impact of spandex prices? What is the impact of the billet market? The price of spandex fell, and the cost will naturally, although the price of the gray cloth will fall, but due to the market has arrived in the traditional peak season of the year, the boss is quite a strong will, and the price of the four-sided bullet has fallen. Therefore, from the perspective, the four-sided profit space is slightly rising. Be

        Although the four-sided bomb has always been a hot fabric on the market, the actual sales are also going downhill, especially in September, still there is no sign of improvement. Four-sided bomb has a very important status in autumn and winter clothing. According to the practice, it is now hot selling hot sale, but it has not yet been rising.

        Is the price of spandex weakness, and the extent of the hot sale of the four-sided bomb is also cooled? Of course, this year's four sides is so hot, on the one hand, it is naturally due to the over-rise rise in spandex and the supply tension, and even the lower reaches of many manufacturers to grab the goods, strive to produce. However, now the price of spandex has a callback, and the mentality of the manufacturers will change, and it is mainly necessary to follow up to the purchase of spandex to be mainly following up, and the enthusiasm of stocks also decline. Paste mentality increases or mainly in a large number of four-sided bullets that have been eaten in the early stage. This leads to the poor market circulation, the gray cloth is slow.

        Quotes in advance or have signs

        This year, there is an abnormal market, which is the "low season is not light season" in June. In June, the market confidence improved, especially for the market in the second half of the year, the market was started in the autumn and winter fabric, resulting in the time that the time it was originally the off-season was improved. With the intensification of overseas epidemics in August, the market confidence has declined, and the new single is limited, which causes the stock order to not digest, and the new volume is reduced.

        After all, the four-sided bomb is more widely used in the clothing, so as long as the market is improved, the quantity of the four-sided bomb will improve. How is the murder of the spandex, and it still needs to be further observed.

        Export orders are heating, and the procurement risk is increased.

        In September 2021, the current situation is still uncertain. Most export textile companies are cautious about the order of orders in the second half of the year. According to analysis, the positive factors in my country's textile clothing exports mainly include the expectation of global economic growth, and the international market demand is expected to continue.

        Whether the order reflow can continue

        At present, the European and American markets are gradually recurring, and the consumption demand is growing; the textile enterprises in Southeast Asia, South Asian countries have been discontinued, and the production capacity has been restricted, and the large number of European and American orders are returned to my country, and the amount of textile enterprises will increase.

        Front-end procurement risk

        At the same time, the risk factors in the face have still existed: foreign epidemic has not yet been fully effective, and local rebound may impact on international markets; international commodity prices have fluctuated, increase the procurement risk of front-end products such as textile materials; international shipping prices The rise will also deeply affect transportation costs; in addition, trade friction, exchange rate fluctuations are also affected by the rear.

        Under the blessing of the international market, global inflation caused by all kinds of upstream textile raw materials rapidly rapidly. This year, commodity prices have increased, and it is good for companies upstream of the industrial chain. If it can be passed to the terminal to the middle and lower reaches of the enterprise. However, the current situation is that the cost of front-end product has not been effectively conducted to the export price of the finished product, so most of the price increases are borne by the intermediate links on the industrial chain, and some export textile companies are facing pressure. Whether the textile foreign trade enterprises can smoothly resolve uncertain risks, steady orders, and stand in the market, is currently critical.

        Logistics costs continue to be high

        Talking about the problem of shipping, the textile enterprises in all parts of the textile enterprises are more serious for the US route, and the ship freight is high and still rising, and the other regions can be fashionable.

        Compared to shipping, it is difficult to find that it is more prominent, and the problem cannot be booked more prominent, and the spinning period and reputation are seriously affected, resulting in the risk of breach of contract due to misunderstandings. Some spinning companies have to add money to find "Yellow cattle", and the cost of logistics is further increased. The shortage of sea freight has skyrocketed, and the shortage of containers has become a big difficulty and plugging in all textile foreign trade companies.

        At present, the momentum of freight rate still has no signs of falling, in order to keep orders and markets, many small and medium-sized textile companies are maintained, and the return of funds is growing.

        The peak of the Ministry of Commerce recently said that the Ministry of Commerce has actively taken measures to increase containers, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Market Supervision Administration, and to increase the supply of container, improve shipping capacity, strengthen international cooperation, and work together to work together challenge. It is understood that there is currently an increase in shipping services to SMEs, helping companies have dropped down.

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